Frequently asked questions

How do I become a vendor?

Depending on which market you are interested in, you will find the corresponding application on the page for such. Complete and print the application, then mail or email it back to Know Your Roots.

How do I become a sponsor?

The market offers sponsorship packages for all budgets. Visit our SPONSOR tab for more details and the application. Thank you for your consideration!

Are there restrooms?

At this time, during the OUTDOOR season, there are no public restrooms onsite. While operating INDOORS, touchless restrooms are available.

Is the market open year round?

Yes. On Wednesdays :) 3-6pm Outdoor Season: May - October 14th, 2020 Indoor Season: October 21st, 2020 - April 28th, 2021

Are pets allowed?

Non agressive pets on a short leash, and cleaned up after, are welcome during the OUTDOOR Season. Service pets only during the INDOOR season.

What happens if it rains?

☀️The market will be open rain or shine, however for the safety of all, we will close early if inclement weather occurs in 44720 during market hours.🌩

Are food & beverages available?

Yes, during the OUTDOOR Season, food trucks will be available every WEDNESDAY. Items will be provided in to-go packaging. You are also welcome to bring a blanket and enjoy a picnic in the grass. During the INDOOR Season, food trucks will be available near the entrance, when weather permits. Premade food & beverages will be available from vendors indoors.

How is the market responding to COVID-19?

By meeting all of the current, mandatory guidelines presented by the Responsible RestartOhio, the Ohio Deparment of Agriculture & Stark County Health Department. Vendors are following guidelines for their specific business types and their spots are well spaced part, with 20 foot walkways to ensure easy physical distancing while shopping. 🌟SHOPPING TIPS:
✅PREORDER if possible.
✅Do not touch produce before purchasing
✅Utilize hand sanitizer throughout the market before touching other products.
✅Be mindful of current distancing & mask guidelines. Other than family members, we are all required to maintain a 6 foot distance from each other.
✅Please do not attend while ill!!!
✅No gathering in large groups on market property. 🙂MAKE IT EASY ON YOU!!
⭐️3-3:30pm on WEDNESDAYS are reserved for seniors & at risk.
⭐️Plan accordingly, there are no public restrooms onsite, during the outdoor season. Touchless restrooms are available within the building during the indoor season.
⭐️Bring your own cart/basket/wagon to carry your goods. While vendors can not fill your reusable bags, you can use them to carry the items vendors provide you in new bags.

When is the market open?

Every WEDNESDAY, excpet during inclement weather and the last 2 weeks of the year. Currently operating from 3-6pm with 3-3:30pm reserved for seniors & at-risk.

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